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Admission assistant is the largest online platform that guide and assist HSC and university admission candidates with updated information and services related to admission test in a single platform. Every year more than one million students attend the university admission test and day by day the number is increasing. There is no uniform admission test procedure and every University has their own unique system for admission test. So, candidates face many problems during university admission test because of scattered information system. The information is not available in real-time to the students, form fill up process is not user-friendly, transportation and residence related problem, lack of navigation and local guidance etc. Admission Assistant has solved problems which students are facing through digital interventions primarily. Admission assistant served more than 150 thousand students on mobile-based Android Application and many more on social media.

Admission Assistant is trying to ensure that no student will lose their opportunities for the scarcity of Information, Guideline and Support. This year Admission Assistant is incorporating human touch points along with digital platforms through Volunteers and Campus Ambassadors. Introducing of new website help to reach more students besides Facebook Page, Groups, Events and YouTube Channel.

Who we aRe

  1. Full admission notice and circular in modified format.
  2. SMS alert for important notifications.
  3. Admit card and seat plan download
  4. Easy online form fill-up
  5. Eligibility check for different units in all public universities.
  6. Exam calendar, merit and waiting list.
  7. Transportation and local guideline help.
  8. Exam preparation and special model test with Live Exam.
  9. Free Model Test Exam (Chapter wise for Science, Commerce and Humanities)
  10. Special course for HSC and admission candidates.
  11. Personal Consultancy.
  12. Current admission news Notice Board.
  13. Provide updated information about all Public, National, Affiliated and leading Private Universities.
  14. Automated Guided Journey.
  15. Personal Guideline.